Applications and Solutions

IT is all about automation, efficiency, and speed. At Mind Ant we assist our customers by providing technology driven solutions to simplify the way they do business. We believe that the key to success of any solution is to understand :

- Why it is needed
- For Whom it is needed
- By When it is needed

We ensure success by
- Understanding customer need and detailing out each and every requirement, keeping in mind that change is inevitable.
- Interviewing various stakeholders to understand their perception about the problem and the solution.
- Providing proof of concept for the solution to ensure that the solution is in sync with customers’ requirements.
- Smart Testing solutions to build its reliability and to create confidence in the end users.
- Provide training to end users, to ensure effective and efficient use of the solution.


We provide IT technical consultancy to our customers, who might also be having their own IT departments or existing vendors. We ensure that our customers get the right technical advice with the direction which is best for their business needs.

Product Engineering

We realize that there is big difference in delivering solutions and creating products.

We help create products for our customers by.
- Conceptualizing the product design and development, keeping in mind maintenance, customer support and up-gradation required throughout the product lifecycle.
- Smart Testing the product in different environments and with a variety of stakeholders.
- Considering IT as just a tool. We understand the domain and make sure that product provides value to its end users.
- Making the product as intuitive as possible and strengthen it with effective documentation.
- Our belief "Simplicity is the challenge".

Corporate Trainings

Key assets for any knowledge based company is its workforce. Continuous learning should not only be a strategic tool to stay ahead but also a corporate responsibility. Each organization is faced with the challenge of upgrading its workforce for new technologies and domains.

Many organizations mitigate the training gaps by having their own training departments but these conventional trainers do not have enough live project experience to address the issues encountered during the implementation and usage of a domain or technology. Also most of the capable in-house resources are used for other ongoing projects and using them for conducting trainings not only impacts the ongoing projects but also very costly.

This is where our experts bring in the value addition. Our experts have a rich volume of quality, on project experience to guide you climb the technology stack quickly and effectively. This brings to you a much cheaper value proposition since you do not have to maintain regular training departments.